Facilities Management Drawings

Most buildings have drawings regarding layouts and construction fit outs and so often we see changes that are never documented.

Drawing can be difficult to read and in many cases do not reflect details that are required for day-to-day facilities management.

From working as facilities manager, we understand that high quality building plans and information is the solid foundation for successful asset management.

For this reason, our Team:

  • Takes the existing plans from construction design and fit out
  • Updates and review plans
  • Provides information for the facilities managers and owners to use for the day-to-day operation of their buildings.

We provide:

  • Drawings produced in the industry standards format
  • In the PDF program, present linked drawings for fast referencing and moving throughout the PDF

A few of the key areas we produce drawings for:


  • Line drawings for location of services within a site
  • Numbering and identification of all spaces within a building or complex
  • Collaborative development and production of evacuation drawings for sites and buildings.

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