Hot Desking, ABW (Activity Based Working), Flexible Work Spaces

Over the last two decades, the rise in technology along with a demographic spike in employment has resulted in the emergence of the modern 21st Century workspace ‘Hot desking’ and Flexible work spaces.

The Advantages of implementing a flexible work space include:

  • Cost-effective (cost efficient) (cost reducing) (less costly than traditional space management)
  • Reduction in energy usage
  • To create a contemporary and modern workspace
  • Malleable work environment for employers and employees
  • Emphasis on creating a collaborative and innovative organisational culture

A number of our clients are leaders in the evolution around the changing role of workspaces and how they are being designed to support the needs of individuals and the organisation.

The implementation of a flexible workspace is achieved with strong data and mapping of the workplace. By collaborating with our clients we can offer pre and post information regarding the Client’s space usage to personally tailor their suitability to our effective space management solutions.

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